Top 9 Microbreweries in Hyderabad

A microbrewery is a welcome addition to the drink landscape of Hyderabad. It is like your backyard vegetable garden, but for beer. The advantage of beer coming out a microbrewery against the commercially produced variety is undeniable. What this brings to the table, is higher quality brew with no need for preservatives, the memorable taste of freshness and a galore of flavor options.
Here are the top microbreweries in Hyderabad, which one must visit, if one has a penchant for a good brew


Prost Brew Pub, Jubilee Hills

Being the first microbrewery in Hyderabad, Prost sets the bar pretty high with its unmatched ambience and food.

The Brew: They craft the classics like the perfect bittersweet lager, a textbook proper English Ale, English Stout, with notes of coffee and chocolate and Wheat Beer, that’s blonde and beautiful on your tongue.

Apart from that, they also craft their specialty Fruit Cider, with mostly Himalayan Apples, but otherwise from seasonal fruits. What makes it worth your while is the addition of choicest spices in it, which makes it a really sweet drink that packs a punch.

While those are the staples, Prost has its own signature craft beer that’s specially crafted every season, so check this out when you visit.

The food: The options are aplenty, for both vegetarians and non vegetarians. The usual Italian, continental and Pan Asian presence is strongly sensed in the food. The menu is big, and delightful little items like the Kheema Puchka make an appearance, so, trust the menu to surprise.

The ambience: Right from the moment one takes the turn onto the ramp, the imposing stone and glass façade of the place comes into view. Outdoor seating in balconies and patios or indoor seating amongst fun props, the choice is yours and both the views are spectacular

What is special:
The sampler set. If you are undecided between options for which brew to order, they offer you a sampler set for a very nominal amount. (Plus, it comes in chai glasses, so that’s very cute)


Vapour Brew Pub, Jubilee Hills

The Brew: This place crafts beer and makes no noise about it. The options are pretty straightforward and you can expect to get what you see on the menu, perfect to the aftertaste you dreamt of. The options range between classics and classics only. Here goes, Wheat, Belgian, Premium, Apple Cider, Blonde, American Lager and Stout.

The Food: It has all the cuisines of the world wrapped in its menu. But the limelight comes from the fact that it has carved a name for itself by introducing cryogenic cooking on its huge menu. Do try their platters.

The Ambience: They offer both indoor and outdoor seating, with the outdoors decked in neat low wooden tables and benches and lush greenery around. The interiors are done very tastefully, while dedicating an entire wall to pop art frames.

What is special
– Their cryogenic cooking specialty which brings to the table quirky desserts like the garlic kheer.


Heart Cup coffee- Jubilee Hills.

Don’t let the name fool you, because this place brews its alcohol as lovingly as it brews its coffee.

The Brew: Their collection is truly customized. Bella Blanche – made with Indian wheat, coriander and Mosambi notes, Lourd Noir- the classic coffee and chocolate aftertaste you’d expect from the Irish Dry stout, Hop Head – an Indian pale ale strengthened for flavor, Triple Wit – where the classic Belgian wheat beer’s ingredients are tripled so expect thrice the fun and their special, Saison Wit, which is a seasonal special that the you need to ask the staff about.

The Food :
Their bar menu, houses the perfect bar accompaniments in it as well, so you do not have to fumble around for the food menu if it’s just drinks that you’ve come for.

If you are settling down for a good meal, their huge food and coffee menu spanning continents is anyway at your service.

The Ambience: The outdoor ambience is total heart stealer with thatched roofs on trees and low hanging lanterns. Interestingly the indoors too, carry the same earthy vibe. All in all, it’s a place to unwind.

What is Special – Their Irish coffees bring the best of both worlds to the table. Their craft beers, offer an upgrade over the pitcher, with an option of “Tower”.


Over the Moon, Jubilee Hills

The name does justice to the brilliant view it offers of the surrounding city. So if sipping a great apple cider sitting rooftop watching the sun set is your thing, this place is for you.

The Brew:
The place has named its craft beer, after itself. The New Moon – a stout beer, Forscher – the hit German Wheat Beer, Moonlight – classic American style Ale, White High – a pale Belgian wheat beer with zesty notes, Over the Moon Lager, Adam’s Apple – which is a good old fashioned sweet and spiced up Apple cider.

The food: It Spans across the cuisines of Asia, Italian, continental and a little bit of North Indian with interesting options like a salmon Steak and classics like chicken wings in a hot sauce.

The Ambience: The minimalist sofas and their near perfect view of the city are great accompaniments to a lovely evening.

What is special? – Their craft beers come with suggestions for food pairing, a history lesson and the brew master’s signature to complete it.


Repete Brewery and Kitchen, Jubilee Hills

The Brew: Their craft beers are no frills, no nonsense and are freshly brewed to perfection. The place offers wheat, dark wheat, stout, ale, lager varieties and tops it off with a “repete special”, which one has to head there to find out.

The Food: Their food stands out in the fact that it takes Hyderabad and fuses it with the flavors around the country and the world to present a very interesting menu. While presenting Italian and pan Asian and continental dishes with expertise, they also serve up specialties like Murgh Avakai Tikka

The Ambience: It’s a place where you’ll find contemporary interpretations of Victorian chandeliers and tan leather sofa sets against a backdrop of a faux brick wall. The art adorning these walls is very unique and is a good break from the usual pop art. This place also offers outdoor seating on its delightful little balcony and on rooftop.

What is special – Try their chocolate Samosa.


Zero40 Brewing, Jubilee Hills

The Brew: They took craft very seriously and came up with some unforgettable brews.

Go swami
– A basmati Helles Beer, that’s a real experience, Shavasan – A robust Porter beer with nice fruity and chocolate overtones, Old Timer – Classic wheat beer amped up with a herb kick, Symphony no 40 – A classic Marzen beer, The Blue Camel – German Wheat beer with a spicy taste and their very own, proudly named, Valar Brewhaeris – Classic French farmhouse ale tweaked with jaggery. This comes with its own warning for being the strongest brew on their menu.

The Food: The food is a classy take on the usual pub fare with dishes that even boast of truffle oil. It’s a very big menu with all thinkable delicious classics remixed with the flavors of the world. The Nutella Pizza in the dessert section, is a must try.

The Ambience: This is a three storied, rooftop included, haven for craft beers and good food. It’s an airy, lit up space with a palatial feel to it. It is beauty meeting modernity.

What is special
– Their seasonal drink and food menus and Butter Chicken Pizza.


Hylife Brewing company, Jubilee Hills

It is a big place with a bigger reputation for great beer.

The Brew: They offer the classic wheat, lager, stout, ale and Pilsner varieties. The freshly brewed beer swears by the book with a fun addition of a seasonal beer, creatively named, “Mausam Beer”

The Food: The food is mostly Italian with a few Asian dishes gracing its menu and finger food, with options like Kabuli Croquet and Crab salt and pepper.

The Ambience: The Tables ending in beer barrels with high chairs with leather seat covers bring home some major retro feels. And this place is too cool for school, so instead of a chandelier, there’s a very incredible looking jeep hanging from the ceiling. Chains on railings, pop art on walls, all set the mood for a chill time.

What is special – The brews come in mini barrels, complete with a tap and all that jazz.


Over the Moon Brew Company, Gachibowli

Good things need to be accessible.

The Brew: The freshly brewed apple cider with hints of lemon, and their other brews deriving their names from itself, just like its Jubilee Hills branch is a major reason why this place is not to be missed.

The Food: Their menu spans all the hit cuisines. So, you’ll be surprised to find delicate Sushi alongside of the usual pub fare of burgers and specials like Dahi Pakodi Tarts.

The Ambience: This branch too, offers indoor and outdoor seating. The indoors are done up in sections, each one evoking a certain charm. The low sofa seating or the royal white theme seating area with sheer drapes, it has something for all sensibilities.

What is special
– Drinks smoked with apple wood and cinnamon, a revival of 60s Hyderabad classics in their food and Kothu Parotta.


The Hoppery, Jubilee Hills

The Brew: You know a brewery that is proud of its brew master can really produce the finest. That’s true for the hopper, with caramel and unrefined cane sugar marriages like ‘The copperhead’ or the ‘Hyderabrew’, which promises Hyderabad in a glass of fresh brew.

The Food: The food here is a sidekick to their superhero brews and is designed to go perfectly their brews and nothing more.

A limited but interesting menu awaits you with vegetarian options like the cream cheese donuts or non vegetarian options like Chicken and onion Jam donuts.

The Ambience: Having the incredible view of Durgam Cheruvu, the lake inside the city, this place could not be better placed. Azure blue tiled roofs and white washed pillars and walls, really transport you to a different world. It’s a good place to retreat a few hours from the city’s hustle and bustle.

What is Special – White Spice, their wit beer which packs the heat of Tirphal, an Asian variety of Peppercorn.

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