Top 10 Drive Ins in Hyderabad

Drive ins are the answer to midnight cravings. They stay open till the wee hours and are the most convenient way to dine. Comfort food in the comfort of our cars, reel us in.
Hyderabad recently got on this band wagon and has seen a boom in drive Ins. They are conveniently scattered all over Hyderabad, falling right on the routes we generally pick for our long drives and on the routes of our workplaces.

Here goes the list, which is by no means exhaustive.



This was the first drive in to set up shop in Hyderabad. As soon as you drive in, you will see all the outlets lined up. So, pick a spot in their spacious parking area and let your hunger do the talking.

What will you find?

The Thickshake factory (Milkshakes), Rajugari Pulao (Hyderabadi and South Indian, so, do try their Keema Biryani), King of kebabs, China Town, café Corner (Desserts, fast food), Spizza (Italian)

Open Till: The Thickshake Factory – Till 11 PM, The rest: Till 2 AM


The street Drive in, Madhapur

Their motto reads “Park, Play, and eat” and quiet true to that, they have a sports arena inside with a range of activities to choose from. And when you are done with the play, you could cool off with a milkshake.

What will you find?

Mama Mia Italia, WOFL ( Expect delicious waffles here), The Wingster ( American fast food), Chai Kahani ( Bevegrages) ,Eat Burp Repeat ( Continental), Makers of Milkshakes, Frostticks ( Ice Cream), Godavari Ruchulu ( Andhra Cuisine), Wich Please ( sandwich place), Hyderabadi Biryani Waale.

Open Till: 12 in the Midnight with the exception of Chai Kahani, which only opens at 5 PM and stays open till 3 AM.


36 Drive inn street, Jubilee Hills

What will you find?

Ice berg ( Ice creams), Pita Stop ( Middle eastern), Around South ( South Indian Tiffins), Shake & Shack ( Juices and Shakes) ,Just Italian, Chinese Panda ( Chinese), Costa Ruchulu (Andhra cuisine), Coffee Affair ( Coffees and More)

Open Till: Well into the morning hours.



An array of aromas welcome you, as you pull into their spacious parking area and heres why

What will you find?

Palamuru Grill ( South Indian) , Dimmy’s ( Fast food), The Thickshake Factory, Shawarma Talkies, Sham Dosa are just a few names. So whatever your preference, this place delivers.

Open Till: 11PM


Suburb Drive in, Moosapet

With 10 options to drive into, and at least five cuisines to pick from, this place is a winner.

What will you find?
Desi Darbar ( North Indian), Shaoli Wok ( Chinese), Chaat Concepts ( Street Food), Bobo 2 ( Desserts), Little Idli, Konaseema ( South Indian, Hyderabadi),Stone Magic ( Ice cream), Big Burrp( Continental)

Open Till: 2 AM


 Horizon Drive in, Banjara Hills

Horizon drive in brings in the drive in experience to Banjara Hills.

What will you find?

Wok Meister ( Chinese ), Little Idli , Big Burrp ( continental), Chaat Hut ( street food), Lord of the grills ( Mughlai/ North Indian), The Tea Planet ( Beverages), Milky Way ( Beverages)

Open Till:
Most of the places in this drive in remain open till 12 in the midnight with few even extending the time till 2 AM.


Kabara Drive in, Banjara Hills

This is one of the very few drive inns that offers Arabian Cuisine as well as Telangana style dishes with options for other cuisines that’s nothing short of numerous. Plus, Midnight Mandi is their major claim to fame.

What will you find?

Pietza Pizza ( Italian), Fat Monk (Chinese), Makers of Milkshakes, ( Fast food), Alladin’s Grill ( Mughlai), Al Hamra ( Arabian), Flavors of Telangana, Ice Crème, Hyderabadi Lazzat, Sugar ( Desserts), Fit Pit by Chef Imam ( Grill for the fitness freaks), Chai Shai, Dosa Vosa ( South Indian, beverages), Mandi & More ( Arabian), Frying Nemo ( Fast food)

Open Till: Most of the outlets are open at least till 2 AM with few extending the hours to 4 AM. Frying Nemo is open 24 hours so hop in for a hotdog.


Carkhana Drive in, Banjara Hills

This creatively titled place, boasts of an impressive array of 13 outlets.

What will you find?

Patiala Express ( North Indian), The Halal Republic ( Arabic, Lebanese), The Grill Box ( American, Continental), The Tea Planet ( Beverages), Babai Pulao ( Andhra Cuisine), Pietza Pizza ( Italian), Makers of Milkshakes, Chinese Dragon ( Chinese), The kebab Truck ( Kebabs), Amore ( Ice cream), Mayur Pan House ( Fast food), Hyderabadi Chaska, Little Idli.

Open Till: All the outlets close by 11 PM, with the exception of the “Tea planet” which stays open till 2 AM.


Las Vegas Diner, Kompally

This drive in, has all the oomph and glamour of Las Vegas, all complete with neon signs.

What will you find?

Grill Citi ( Mughlai, Lebanese), Chinese Empire ( Chinese), Dhaba 44 ( North Indian), The Thickshake Factory, We love it ( Italian), Pulao ( Biryani, South Indian), Babai Bandi ( South Indian), Rock Stone Ice Cream Factory, Bombay Chaat ( Fast Food), The Tea Planet ( Beverages)

Open Till:
2 AM


The Alley, Madhapur

Donuts and Kulfi at 2 in the morning? Cravings attack at midnight hour but the alley, no matter what you are craving, would satisfy it with 10 different outlets.

What will you find?

Mandarin Kitchen ( Chinese), Donut House, WOW – Vadapav and Chaat, Makers of Milkshakes, Pizza Shack, Bombay Kulfi ( Desserts), The Tea Factory ( Café, fast food), Kebab Shawarmas & Grills, Southern Express, Simply Continental

Open Till: 2 AM

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