Jewel of Nizam, The Minar – Our review

Jewel of Nizam, The Minar – Our review

Jewel of nizam, the minar, Hyderabad, is called the fifth minar. That’s a very heavy name to bear and an honour. A visit to this place, justifies the name.

The yesteryear glory of Nizams is not at all lost on the modern Hyderabadi. We all, still remain in eternal enchantment of anything Nizami. We can’t help it. We are hyderabadis. This place, does justice to the illustrious heritage of Hyderabad, with its luxury dining experience and with food that is fit for kings. Or nizams, in our case.

What do you see?

This place is located far away from the city, in Golkonda resorts. A drive to this place, which lands you on the Outer Ring Road is a perfect beginning to what is destined to be a wonderful night.

The place, like a jewel, shines bright from a distance, set at a 100 feet height on a tower. Once you step in, it’s a different world. The effort from the drive is forgotten once the awe of the place hits you in all it’s Nizami splendour.

The glassware in jewel blue tones, look straight out of a king’s crockery collection against the buttery table cloth. The silverware, is ornate yet, there is a feel of modernity in the table setting. Napkins, as is expected from a luxury segment restaurant, come complete with a silvery ring.

The restaurant, is carpeted in royal blue and the seating is classic wood, upholstered in, again, another shade of a deep blue.

Being designed like a jewel, all the sides of the restaurant give you a wonderful view of the surroundings. The natural light, in daytime floods the restaurant lighting it up. And during evenings, the great chandeliers are lit, casting a magical spell, and really making one see, why, it’s called “ The jewel of nizam “

Further cementing that claim, is their colour theme, which is silver, royal blue, and turquoise. Its a jewel toned thing of beauty that is loyal to its Nizami origins and comfortable for the modern pilgrims to this place of royal worship.

What do you taste ?

No matter how lovely and transcendent the surroundings, one can’t fill their tummy with it. And one doesn’t have to. Their food, will further make you believe it’s not just a restaurant, but a dining area in the nizam’s palace, where every dish, is made for the king himself.

Welcome drinks, are a rich concoctions like Amrud ki Lassi, Gulab Ras Thandai and
traditional Hyderabadi lemonade, Shikanjavi. Seasonally, there is also, kairi ( Raw mango) ka Aabshola, which is again their signature drink.

Next up, are their delectable offerings of seafood, meat and vegetarian kebabs , which come with wine pairings, so you’ll wash it down right. They have the most sought after lobster kebab, and the Hyderabadi special, Barkas Pathar gosht, which is an old favourite tenderised with fruit, readied with spices and marinades and grilled on Deccan stone ( the stone part has a back story that goes all the way back to British raj, head there to find out !)


The soups, here get royal attired with velvet trims and become rich, aromatic ‘ shorbas’. The options, like for every other thing, are both in vegetarian and non vegetarian, with the non vegetarian Shorbas boasting of lamb broths with succulent, braised lamb meat and the vegetarian Shorbas are the tomato and palak fare, elevated with a touch of royal spices.

The main course, is an elaborate spread of the richest Hyderabadi preparations in both non vegetarian and vegetarian options. Special mentions go towards their Hyderabadi Dum ka Murgh, which is cooked in traditional style in a Lagan, where the Hyderabadi yoghurt and spice marinade, elevated with saffron soaks into each morsel, making it mouth meltingly delicious. On the vegetarian side, they have a speciality called “ Subz Khandari”, which is a rich, creamy gravy of cashew nuts that coats the batter fried vegetables to a creamy perfection.

Then comes, the star of the show, Biryani. The Hyderabadi dum biryani, needs no elaborate intros. It’s legendary and we know it, and the jewel of nizam, gives us a taste of how royally it could be prepared. This is offered in both vegetarian and non vegetarian options, because good food is for everyone.


What you absolutely must try here, is their kacchi Dum Biryani, which is an out and out Hyderabadi dish, that you’ll rarely find outside private functions of hyderabadis, made at the hands of seasoned bawarchis. Do not miss out the chance of tasting this delicacy, with succulent mutton hitting all the right notes.

They also serve a select collection of rotis, buttered and hot. International specialities, like the Afghani roti too graces its menu.

Do give their anokhi kheer a try. It’s a sweet which is unique as it is made with white onions, cooked with creamy milk and finished off with pista and badam.

For those who are heading here with the sole purpose of a hyderabadi feast, try their preset “ daawat -e- sagar mahal”, which is a three course meal offered in non vegetarian and vegetarian variants.

How is it priced?

The restaurant falls into the luxury segment. For two people, the fare costs a minimum of Rs. 2500. The lavishness of the place and the royal treatment you receive makes it worth it.

How to get there?

Located in gandipet, away from the city, this place is best accessed in your personal vehicles or cabs.

When to visit ?

The place stays open from 12:30 PM to 3 PM for lunch and 7PM to 11PM for dinner. Undoubtedly, the nights where the place takes on a magical look, which drips of the erstwhile glamour and splendour of a Nizami lifestyle, is the perfect time to visit the place.

Hyderabadi old world glamour meets contemporary lifestyles, to bring you this jewel of Nizam, where the food will keep you wanting more.

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