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What is the Blue Book Mobile App?

The Blue Book app gives you exclusive privileged discounts on all categories related to food, wellness and leisure which could be redeemed at 1000+ outlets in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Gurgaon.

What are the categories covered in the Blue Book App?

The BlueBook covers all the happening locations for food, wellness and entertainment, which include restaurants, cafes, bars, nightclubs, eat- outs, spas, salons, fitness centers and leisure establishments. More outlets and categories to be added throughout the year.

How can I redeem the voucher?

To redeem a particular voucher, click on the voucher, read the terms and conditions, click “redeem” and when asked to enter outlet’s 4 digit pin – allow the waiter/manager to input the pin .Based on the availability of the service and keeping in view all the terms & conditions (displayed on clicking any particular offer), the merchant will accept the voucher.

Is this Mobile App free to use?

No. There are different subscription models you can choose from. Make the payment for the subscription chosen and you can avail our amazing offers for the validity you have selected.

Are you running any promotions / offers where I can pay less for the app?

Keep a look out for our promotional offers on our Home Page or on our social media pages. If you are a corporate user, get in touch with your manager to know if they have tied up with us or you can write to us here – hello@thebluebook.in

Can I pay via the app?

No. You can pay the outlet directly.

What if my phone turns off midway?

Please ensure you get a “Successfully Redeemed” message on your phone, in order to successfully redeem the offer. If your phone turns off before reaching this stage, offer redemption in invalid.

What if I change my phone and want the paid app on another phone?

Your BlueBook app is tracked by your phone number. When you change your phone or uninstall the app and want to reinstall it, use the same phone number as before during registration and you will have the app functionality where you left off last time

Is the app available on android and i-phone?

Yes, the app is available for both android phones (on the google play store, search for “The BlueBook”) and on the i-Phone (on App store, search for “The BlueBook”). In order to successfully install the app , please ensure your android phone software is above version 4.0.3 and your apple phone software is above version 8.3

How many cities are we currently offering deals in? Can i use deals in more than one city?

We are currently in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Gurgaon. We are soon going to be bringing the best of BlueBook to other metro cities in India.

Yes, to change from one city deals to another, please use Log out option in the menu bar and Log In using the city of your choice.

An offer I have used is now locked, how do I unlock it?

We limit each offer to one time use only. Do look into using the other offers we have with the merchant.

How long is the app license valid for?

Once you have made the payment for your preferred plan, the offers are valid for the period chosen by you starting from the date of purchase. For example – You purchase the 6 months plan on 1 September 2016, the license is now valid until 1st March 2017.

In case of multiple locations of the same brand, can I use my voucher in all the locations?

While there may be multiple outlets for a brand in different locations, only the ones associated with the Blue Book (mentioned in the “About” page of every outlet within the app), shall entitle you to use the offers on your vouchers. When you click on a particular offer to redeem it, the next screen on the app will have a dropdown box to show you multiple outlet locations where the offer is accepted. Choose the outlet location you are at and click on Redeem button to proceed with redemption.

Is it necessary to inform the merchant beforehand, about my voucher usage?

Yes, we strongly recommend you to do so. It is your responsibility to check for the availability of the service from the merchant, in order to avoid disappointment during billing. Kindly inform the waiter about redeeming your Blue Book voucher PRIOR to placing your order.

Is my voucher valid anytime of the year?

As mentioned in the voucher Terms and Conditions page (available on clicking on particular offer), the validity of every voucher stands throughout the year. But during holidays, special occasions and festivities (considered to be special days for certain of the merchants); you might want to check with the respective service provider as to the availability of the service.

Is my voucher valid on weekends?

Yes! The vouchers are valid on weekends as well, but a few outlets might not be running certain offers on certain days. Therefore, it is always better to check each voucher’s individual terms and conditions.

Can my voucher be added /used along with the prevailing offers at the outlet?

No. The Blue Book vouchers cannot be combined with other offers prevailing at the outlets.

Is my voucher valid on event days and special occasions?

Voucher offers CANNOT be combined with other ongoing discounts, promotions or special offers such as Special Menus, Happy Hours, Event Specific Menus, Special Combos/Packages, Member Discounts, Credit Card Offers and Other Institutional Discounts.

Can I use two or more vouchers at a time?

Only one voucher per visit is the standard condition, however in case of group service where multiple tables are booked, it’s the decision of the merchant / service provider to accept multiple vouchers.

Can I exchange my voucher for money?

The vouchers shall only be used for availing service, and cannot be traded or exchanged in monetary terms. The use of voucher for any purpose other than what it is intended for, is illegal.

Is the discount applied on the total bill including the tax amount?

Discount on the total bill is always calculated exclusive of taxes unless mentioned on the voucher that it is Inclusive of Taxes.

Is my voucher exclusive or inclusive of taxes?

If the voucher states Inclusive then you need not pay any taxes (i.e. VAT, Service tax). If it is not mentioned, then you need to pay the required taxes on the total bill.

Should I pay an amount to the merchant in order to redeem my voucher, or is it free?

Yes, you need to pay to redeem your voucher. If however, the voucher states avail a free drink or a food item, then you need not pay.

What if a merchant/service provider does not entertain my voucher?

We recommend you to check with the merchant/service provider before you plan to make a visit to the outlet. However, based on the outlet capacity, time and other service constraints, there may be instances when the service provider may not be able to accept your voucher. In such a case, you can use that voucher on any other day or time specified or agreed upon by the merchant, after discussing it with the concerned person. In case the merchant fails to provide the service on the time/day agreed upon, please reach out to us on our customer care number +91-9019180622, we would be happy to help you.

What if the property shuts down before the voucher expiry date?

In that case the voucher cannot be redeemed at the outlet and we cannot be held responsible, since it is something beyond our control. Outlet names, telephone numbers and addresses could also change over a period of 1 year. Kindly recheck by calling the individual outlet before paying a visit.

Will my voucher be valid at upcoming outlets or just the ones mentioned in the voucher?

Almost all of our merchants have agreed to this and the voucher will most definitely be valid at their new upcoming outlets (not operational yet at the time of us signing up with them) as well, but the final call on accepting vouchers at any new locations not mentioned on the Blue Book merchant page , is at the merchant’s discretion. Kindly recheck with the specific newly opened outlet on whether you can redeem the voucher there. Don’t see a new outlet location in the list of outlets for a particular merchant? Please send us a short email to hello@thebluebook.in with the details and we will look into integrating it into the app soon :)

If 4 of us are going can we use 2 coupons that say 50% off on the bill?

2 vouchers cannot be clubbed and used on one bill. It clearly states that 1 voucher can be used for one order. Hence in this particular case, “50% off the total bill” can be for all 4 people, calculated on one bill.

Through the validity of 1 year will my vouchers still be accepted in case the outlets change menus?

Prices may increase or decrease, this is bound to happen at outlets; but the voucher will still be redeemable.

How much money can I save with The Blue Book?

It depends on the number of vouchers you redeem. The more vouchers you use, the more you save. On average, our existing customers have saved anywhere between Rs.5,000 – Rs.10,000.

What if my favorite restaurant/business is not on the app?

We tried our best to cover all the best outlets in the city in each category and therefore hope yours will be in the BlueBook App. If not, write to us at hello@thebluebook.in and we will try to incorporate it into the app soon, so you can start saving at a place you enjoy visiting!

Are there any corporate discounts available on the bluebook app purchase (multiple app license purchase)?

In case you would like to buy our app license for multiple employees / friends / family, please get in touch with us on +91-90191 80622 or hello@thebluebook.in for lucrative pricing estimates. We do offer special packages to our corporate partner companies. Do contact your HR to know more.

Would the regular Bar rules / Club rules apply for a Blue Book customer?

Yes, Bar rules / Club rules are definitely applicable. There is no preference given to the Blue Book customer, as decorum needs to be maintained. Club rules mean dress code, appropriate behavior, etc. and the basic decorum that needs to be maintained by every individual who visits the outlet.

When my voucher says Avail 1+1 on Cocktails / Drinks / Food , what does it mean?

It means that you buy one cocktail / drink / food and you get a same or lower priced one free. Please check the terms and conditions of the offer , to determine whether it is valid on the total order or whether there is a maximum limit.

When my voucher says "Avail 25% off on the total bill" does it mean both food & beverages?

Total bill means “Inclusive of food and beverages”, hence it can be used on both food and drinks.

The voucher mentions "Lunch" only, is there a possibility of using it for Dinner or vice versa?

When the voucher states “Lunch”, it can only be used on lunch and cannot be switched to dinner or vice versa.

When my voucher says "4 eat 3 pay", is the 4th person’s bill covered?

Yes the fourth person’s bill is automatically covered when 3 people pay. Hence the fourth person’s bill is free.

When my voucher says “Avail one round of FREE drinks on your birthday”, do I have to pay?

You DO NOT have to pay. The first round of drinks for you and your friends is free. But this is limited to only the first round.

What if I go to the outlet a little after the specified time for a TDH lunch?

The voucher will not be redeemable if you go after the specified time. Hence please follow the terms and conditions mentioned behind the voucher. If required, call the outlet and enquire about timings to redeem those specific vouchers.

When my voucher says "Avail a complimentary appetizer" do I get to choose the appetizer of my choice?

The merchant will already have a specific complimentary appetizer for Blue Book customers. Hence there is no option of choosing from the Menu, unless the merchant is gracious enough to let you do so. Rest assured, the appetizer will definitely be a good one!

What if my voucher has a minimum bill amount? Example - Get 15% Off on a Minimum Bill of Rs.999 and above

If your bill exceeds the particular amount, which in this case is Rs.999, you get the mentioned % off on the bill. But if the bill is below the minimum amount then the voucher cannot be redeemed.

Can these vouchers be redeemed if i want to parcel/take away my eatables?

Vouchers may not be valid on home delivery and takeaway unless specified otherwise.

When the voucher says avail a FREE beer/cocktail on an order of a main course, do i get to choose the brand of beer?

Yes, you would be able to choose from a collection of beers currently on tap, if it is a microbrewery you are dining at. If dining at an outlet not brewing their own beer , the merchant would decide on which beer/cocktail to give complimentary. However, choice is subject to availability.

What if the merchant fails to accept my voucher because I did not exceed the Minimum bill amount?

If there is a minimum bill condition, the merchant will NOT accept your voucher UNLESS the minimum bill amount is met. Voucher can be used if the Total Bill is above the minimum mentioned amount.

When my voucher says "Avail 50% Off on the second Pizza", do i get a regular or large sized pizza?

In this case, you can avail 50% off on any pizza mentioned on the menu. There is no restriction to size as such. However the lower priced pizza will be billed at a 50% discount.

When I use a voucher for an upgrade on beers, how many upgrades do i get?

You can avail an upgrade on every order of your beer unless specified in the Terms and conditions of the particular voucher.

Is Prior appointment necessary for Spas and Salons?

Yes. It is necessary to take an appointment for all outlets in the Spa and Salon category. “Prior Appointment Required” is also one of the terms and conditions (mentioned on each of the spa and salon t&c’s).

Will the salon let me choose a stylist for my haircut?

You can choose your stylist when the voucher is a percentage off but we recommend you to read the terms and conditions for a detailed understanding of the offer. For packages you will not be able to choose your stylist.

I can't find an answer to my query here, how do I reach out to someone from The BlueBook?

Please reach out to us at +91 9019180622 or you could also write to us at hello@thebluebook.in . We would be happy to answer your questions.


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