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Blue Book brings you unbeatable discounts from your favorite Microbreweries, Restaurants, Cafes, Spas and Salons, Bars and Nightclubs and much more.


BlueBook Mobile App
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  • Exclusive Deals

    Bringing you 1000+ exclusive Deals

  • Deals Around You

    Location Based Deals, allowing you to quickly access amazing deals around you

  • Your Favourite Outlets

    Helping you Save while you drink, dine and relax at your favourite hangouts across the city

  • Year Long Validity

    Once registered, we offer you Year long access to our exclusive Deals mobile platform

What to expect in the Blue Book App

BlueBook mobile app brings to exclusive savings vouchers from the best of the best. Get saving at outlets across the categories listed below



Eat out and hangout

Bars & NIghtclubs

Spas and Salons


We’ve got answers to your Questions!

  •          Why use The Blue Book App?
                              The Bluebook App is where you find the best deals at your favorite                           outlets.Discover the best outlets to dine, party, relax in your                           neighbourhood and save on the go.
  •          How are Bluebook Deals Better?
                              No voucher codes, no printouts, no hassle. It’s simple - just show the mobile                           voucher at the participating outlets for unlimited savings. You can redeem                           our offers all year long, including weekends.
  •          Why Download Now?
                              Getting access to these amazing exclusive deals is as easy as downloading                           the app and using the first complimentary discount voucher that we have                           waiting for you. Signup now to claim your free voucher!
  •          How to redeem Bluebook Deals?
                              Choose the offer you wish to Redeem, carefully read the terms of use, visit                           the outlet and ask the outlet staff to enter their unique 4 digit merchant                           code to authenticate your voucher! Dont forget to share your savings!


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